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Who are we?

There I was, hiking deeper and deeper into the back country of Northern Colorado. The smell of fir trees spread throughout the trail. The sun patted me on the back encouraging me to go further. Birds, mountain goats, elk all shared their homes with me as I continued to backpack further up the mountain. Finally, the voice that you only hear when you are in nature spoke to me. "Why can't every day be like today?"

Why can't every day be like a day out in nature? I took that question back with me to civilization. Are we meant to be creatures of nature? I say YES!!!

This was the start of my land investing business. My hope is that through hard-work and transparency that I can help bring people back into nature. I quickly developed the processes to buy and sell unused and sometimes neglected land in rural areas to the folks dreaming of escaping from civilization: campers, hikers, fishermen, RV owners, hunters, nature lovers, scouts, homesteaders, and sometimes even UFO hunters! They all need an escape and it was my hope to make that a seamless path to achieve their dreams.

So what was next? I decided to build Land Sidekick with the following principles:

  • The buying process will be made transparent AND EASY!
  • Information will be provided to educate and inform buyers before, during, and after the process.
  • A 90 day satisfaction GUARANTEE on land sales. (Cash sales are final.)

With these principals, it is my honor to serve you in your journey. Even if you are only just taking the first steps, I encourage you to use my site's material and join our Land Sidekick community. This site is meant to be an invaluable resource and is being updated for your use daily.

Your Real-Life Sidekick,