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Look For These Five Warning Signs When Buying Raw Land

written by Kristy Limon
Making the decision to buy a piece of land is exciting!!! Yes, it can be a big undertaking, but trying to make sure the seller isn't scamming you shouldn’t add to your workload. We’ve put together a list of 5 tell tale signs that a property sale might be a scam. The goal is to help you avoid a fraudulent seller if you happen to encounter one.

Here are the top FIVE red flags when you are looking to buy property online

The Seller won't provide you with all the details about the property
If the seller is not forthcoming with the parcel number, annual property taxes or the exact address there is definite reason for concern! These are basic pieces of information that should be readily available when asked for, or even better, they should be part of the property listing. If you are having a hard time acquiring any of these details, you should start to question the sale.
Duplicate Listings with Different Seller Names
If you see the same listing on different websites that in itself is not a problem…. That is a common selling strategy among real estate investors. The important thing to check is that the seller is the SAME on all listings. If you see a piece of property that you are interested in, and it has different sellers listed, definitely be on alert.
The Property Seems Too Good To Be True
You can find good property deals out there for sure! But if it just seems TOO good to be true, be aware! If the price is ridiculously cheap, and the property has EVERYTHING you’ve ever dreamed of (On a river, mountain, and ocean???), it might just be a scam. You can't buy ocean front property in Arizona!!
The Seller is in a Big Rush
If the seller is pushing you for a quick sale and it's making you uncomfortable, listen to your gut!! A reputable seller will understand your need to do some research and ask questions. If the seller is pushing you to make a decision quickly, or making you feel bad for asking ‘simple’ questions it might be time to walk away! Another side of this coin is that if the seller has told you an unbelievable story tied to the sale to explain the rush or the great price, be wary! Yes, crazy situations do occur, but take any stories with a grain of salt and be smart.
The Seller is Acting Shady
The seller should be easy to get a hold of and be forthcoming with answers to your questions. Even if they seem like simple questions, you should be given correct and thorough responses. If the seller is giving you vague answers or dodging your questions all together please be skeptical. The seller should also be willing to take a phone call from you. A very common scam practice is to only want to correspond through emails. If you are having trouble connecting with the seller, that is a definite red flag.

In the grand scheme of things most people are honest and have good intentions. But there are still scams out there because some people chose not to do the right thing and take advantage of others. They find it easier to rip off and steal from other people. We hope this article has educated you on what to look for so that you can avoid being the victim of a land scammer. If you’d like some advice on the steps you can take to avoid being scammed once you’ve decided the property is legit, take a look here - How to Verify A Property is Legit