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Colorado Is A Beautiful Outdoor Paradise, But Can You Legally Live in An RV On Your Own Property?

Recreational vehicles, campers. and RVs can be a great way to see Colorado. Many buy undeveloped lots for part or full time residence in their recreational vehicle, RV, or trailer. This has gained popularity because:

  • Over the long term buying your own property can be cheaper than an RV park.
  • You own the property and not just rent the property from an RV park management company.
  • You skip the crowds and enjoy peace and quiet on your own property.
  • You control what happens to the property and will likely recover your initial investment if and when you decide to sell.

There are state guidelines regarding RVs in Colorado. In general Colorado has shown interest through building codes to ensure the safety of its citizens by making sure that waste from any home is managed correctly. As a buyer of raw land for your camper or RV, you should consider that in addition to state zoning rules, that counties, cities, and HOA's also will have rules.

The map below is to help guide RV owners interested in purchasing raw land for temporary or full time RV residence in the state of Colorado navigate which counties are more RV friendly. Potential buyers should also ask about storage requirements, since some counties also do not allow vacant RVs to be stored on raw land.

This map below should be use as a starting point and further calls should be made to the county's zoning office for further details. Questions? Contact the Land Sidekick

Select A County To Display It's RV Zoning Rules Below:

Please note that this map is to be used as a guide but not final determination over whether it is legal to live in a specific county. Please call the county development office for final answers and determination on whether it is legal to camp or live in an RV.